Opportunities for capacity development and training organised in the framework of EU4OceanObs will be shared on this page.

The list below provides information on training possibilities on EU-supported initiatives covering the different components of the ocean observing value chain, from ocean observation infrastructures and data discovery, modelling and forecasting, to ocean monitoring and assessment and user applications.

Copernicus Marine Service training

To be informed on upcoming training sessions and access e-learning materials, click here. Participants will learn about the Copernicus Marine Service products and services, and their possible applications across a wide range of subjects and industries during plenary and practical training sessions

Eurofleets Ocean Classroom Portal

Through the Eurofleets ocean classroom you can access a variety of ocean literacy resources on research vessels and underwater robots (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles(AUVs) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).

WEkEO DIAS Webinars

Dedicated webinars are organised to showcase all the resources available in the WEkEO platform, both for beginners and expert users, visit the WEkEO DIAS website for more information. Participants will learn, through representative examples, about the use of all the Copernicus & Sentinel data and services through the WEkEO cloud computing platform and the many applications it enables.