The list below consists of mainly external events, relevant for EU4OceanObs and involving the participation of the EU action coordinators of the GEO Blue Planet Initiative and/or G7 Future of the Seas & Oceans Initiative.

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The Global Climate Observing System (GCOS), with the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), and supported by EUMETSAT will be holding a conference that aims to assess how well the current global climate observing system supports current and near-term user needs for climate information. In particular the meeting will examine how well observations of the global Earth cycles (the global energy balance, global water and carbon cycles, and explaining changing conditions of the biosphere) support users’ needs for climate data. The outputs will provide inputs into the next GCOS implementation plan which will make recommendations to meteorological networks, major observing systems and satellite agencies and also it will be presented to the UNFCCC in 2022 as a contribution towards the UNFCCC’s Global Stocktake. For more details please visit the meeting website: