EU4OceanObs: Towards the enhanced collection and use of ocean data for societal benefit2021-04-20T07:02:29+00:00

“ Strengthening international ocean governance to enhance the collection, sharing and use of ocean data to address environmental and societal challenges ”

EU4OceanObs will promote the Europe’s ocean observing capacities, data infrastructures, and best practices to enhance global ocean observations, foster collaborative partnerships, and increase the sharing and use of ocean data on a global scale.

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EU4OceanObs will work with the G7 Future of the Seas and Oceans Initiative (FSOI) to advance the Global Ocean Observing System and EU leadership in the collection and use of data for ocean health, climate, and the development of a sustainable blue economy.

EU4OceanObs will work with GEO Blue Planet to improve international access and use of EU global ocean and coastal data and derived applications, critical for ocean knowledge, decision support tools and raising awareness of the societal benefits of ocean observations.


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