In collaboration with European and International partners, and supporting the outcomes of the G7 Ocean Decade Navigation Plan and GEO/GEO Blue Planet contributions to the Ocean Decade, EU4OceanObs project component on the Ocean Decade aims to

  • Develop a compilation and synthesis of the European Union’s (EU’s) and Member States’ activities and programmes that contribute to the main Decade challenges and EU priorities for the Decade relevant to ocean observation, prediction and related applications.
  • Develop a map of EU-to-international alignment for these priority topics to identify opportunities for potential collaborations.
  • Coordinate the development of the synthesis and mapping of these contributions with the relevant Decade coordination structures for observing, data sharing, and ocean prediction
  • Provide support for the EU policy framework and EU engagement in supporting the Ocean Decade, possibly including support to the Decade Coordination Bodies and/or Programmes, and provide regular reporting and communications materials to the European Commission on EU support for the Decade.
  • Through EU leadership in the G7 FSOI, GEO Blue Planet, and the coordination bodies of the Decade, influence international agendas to align with a coordinated framework for collective action.
  • Support the dissemination of EU results and products and Ocean Decade’s events and other communication activities

Current activities and events

  • Support to Ocean Decade Conference 2024: Satellite event | Connecting the world around Ocean prediction: A vision for the Decade and beyond | 8 April 2024 | 3:30 – 7:00 pm. Co-organised by the Ocean Prediction Decade Collaborative Centre and GEO Blue Planet, with funding from EU4OceanObs, this satellite event is designed to be a dynamic dialogue, followed by a networking reception with posters on the applications of ocean data and predictiond. Showcasing the Ocean Prediction DCC and the Decade Coordination Offices of Ocean Observing and Data Sharing, the event will also highlight major EU and international programmes centred on ocean data and prediction and their applications for societal benefit. This event will promote action and foster collaborations under the “Predicted Ocean” outcome of the Decade towards a society that understands and can respond to changing ocean conditions. During the event, Andreea Strachinescu (Head of Unit Maritime innovation, marine knowledge and investments – DG MARE) will present the European priorities on Ocean Observation and Digital Ocean, and the European maritime policies and innovation to ensure a sustainable blue economy.  For more information:


Stéphanie Cuven (scuven(a)
Assistant Coordinator of International Programmes for Ocean Observations and Prediction