Published On: 24 February 2023Categories: News

EU4OceanObs launched the European Ocean Observing Awareness Campaign to showcase how Europe is responding to global ocean and coastal data needs, with a specific focus on the European contribution to in situ ocean observing. The campaign raises awareness on the need for sustained and comprehensive in situ observations, which combined with satellite observations and predictive models, are critical for generating knowledge required for sustainable development, management and protection of ocean resources and coastal resilience.

The project also aims to capture the human faces behind ocean observing,  highlighting importance of generational diversity and exchange of knowledge for sustainable global ocean observation.

The first episode of the campaign focuses on Euro-Argo, the European contribution to the International Argo Programme. Started as a project in 2008, in 2014 Euro-Argo became a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). Today, Euro-Argo is composed of 12 European member states and represents a joint effort of 30 science institutes. Making up 25% of the international Argo float network, Euro-Argo continues to cultivate the power of science institutes across Europe to grow and upgrade the Argo floats array, a game-changing ocean observation infrastructure transforming ocean research and deepening our understanding of the ocean and marine environments.

Thanks to a collaborative effort between EU4OceanObs, Euro-Argo and INUA PROD, the first part of the campaign features a series of videos and articles, highlighting Euro-Argo’s unique contribution to the European and global ocean observing landscape, societal impacts, new extensions including Biogeochemical Argo and Deep Argo, challenges and future needs and much more.

Click here to see the videos and articles produced under this campaign Part 1 – Euro-Argo.

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