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Introduction of the EU action coordinator of the G7 FSOI at the EuroSea annual meeting

The EuroSea annual meeting and general assembly was held from 18 to 22 January 2021 bringing together more than 100 experts participating in the project as well as invited speakers from related global and European initiatives.

The European Commission DG Research Innovation shared their aspirations and stressed the important role of EuroSea in helping to improve ocean knowledge and sustainability. The G7 Future of the Seas and Oceans Initiative (G7 FSOI) EU action coordinator, Maria Hood, hosted by Mercator Ocean International as part of EU4OceanObs, provided an overview of the G7 FSOI. The EuroSea annual meeting started the consultation phase with European partners and projects about developing activities of the G7 FSOI.

During the event, presentations were given by international and European ocean observing coordination programmes and initiatives including the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) coordinated by IOC-UNESCO, the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) – the GOOS Regional Alliance in Australia, and the European Ocean Observing System framework led by EuroGOOS and the European Marine Board.

10 European projects contributing to the goals of EuroSea were invited to highlight their efforts. These are: EUMarine Robots, NautilOS, Eurofleets+, Jerico-S3, OceanPredict, ODYSSEA, iAtlantic, AtlantECO, Mission Atlantic, and Blue-Cloud.

To read more about the event, visit the EuroSeas website.

About EuroSea

EuroSea is a European Union Innovation Action funded through the European Commission research funding programme Horizon 2020 under a call supporting the G7 Future of Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiative. EuroSea brings together key European actors of ocean observing and forecasting with users of oceanographic products and services. The EuroSea innovation demonstrators are focused on operational services, ocean health, and climate.

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