The list below consists of mainly external events, relevant for EU4OceanObs and involving the participation of the EU action coordinators of the GEO Blue Planet Initiative and/or G7 Future of the Seas & Oceans Initiative.

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Coordinate, Combine, Cooperate

EuroGEO is the regional coordination mechanism that aims to consolidate and coordinate activities throughout Europe that contribute to GEO (Group on Earth Observations) initiatives.

Since EuroGEO’s inception, the European landscape has significantly changed. Firstly, at EU level, with the implementation of the EU Space Programme, which provides the necessary infrastructure, data, and technological advancements, whilst EuroGEO coordinates and integrates these resources to address global and regional challenges through GEO work programme activities. And secondly, at GEO level, with the adoption of the ‘post-2025’ GEO work programme, which shifts from “Earth observation” to “Earth Intelligence” and from a focus on services to equity, in order to bridge the global information gaps.

At this critical juncture, this year’s EuroGEO workshop, which will take place in Krakow from 8 to 10 October, aims to invite and mobilise the EO community to reposition EuroGEO in the light of both the evolving European landscape and GEO strategy.

The GEO Blue Planet European Office, supported by EU4OceanObs, works closely with the EuroGEO secretariat to ensure better uptake and visibility of relevant ocean and coastal related European pgorammes and actions, contributions and priorities within GEO Blue Planet and the wider GEO community. 

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