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The G7 Climate and Environment Ministers and European Commission met virtually from 20 to 21 May to discuss six policy priorities, including ocean action. The meeting communiqué highlights the G7’s commitment to ocean action, which fully supports the societal outcomes of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for sustainable development (2021-2030) and builds on the ambition of previous G7 presidencies.

Adoption of G7 Ocean Decade Navigation Plan

The G7 endorsed the UN Ocean Decade Navigation Plan, which establishes a framework through which the G7 will collaborate and advance their collective work on ocean science, ocean observing and ocean action throughout Ocean Decade.

G7 support for the Future of the Seas & Oceans Initiative (G7 FSOI)

The G7 welcomed the ongoing work of the Future of the Seas and Ocean Initiative and endorsed the FSOI 2021 Work Plan. In their Ocean Decade Navigation Plan, the G7 prioritise advancing three activities : i) evaluate global ocean indicator frameworks ii) develop a digital twin ocean and iii) net zero oceanographic capability.

EU coordination of the G7 FSOI

Supported by EU4OceanObs, the EU FSOI coordinator, Maria Hood, works closely with the UK coordinator to implement the FSOI activities under the guidance of the G7 FSOI National Focal Points and the Working Group.  Maria currently leads 5 of the 8 FSOI’s scoping activities, which are aligned with the EU’s international ocean governance objectives and priorities related to the collection and use of ocean observations. These activities include:

  1. the Global Biogeochemical Argo
  2. Global Ocean Monitoring Indicators Framework
  3. Data Sharing Infrastructure and Interoperability
  4. Augmented Observatories/ Regional Capacity for bio/eco Observations
  5. Surface Ocean CO2 Monitoring Strategy (in development)


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