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Ten European projects that are leading innovations for ocean observing and data sharing for evidence-based management of the ocean and the Blue Economy, have joined forces in the cluster ‘Nourishing Blue Economy and Sharing Ocean Knowledge’. Led by the EuroSea project, the group published a joint policy brief, which outlines recommendations for sustainable ocean observation and management. The recommendations specifically address how to strengthen the value chain of ocean information for sustainable management of the ocean. The cluster is supported by the EU Horizon Results Booster

EuroSea Policy Brief Sept 2021
Click here for policy brief

The recommendations focus on

  • Creating a European Policy Framework for Scientific Ocean Observations Long-term Funding
  • Support the Professionalisation of the Next Generation of ‘Blue Staff’
  • Transform Data into Knowledge by Investing in IT Observations
  • Define Global Standards and Interoperability Practices
  • Strengthening Citizen Science for Policy, Equitable Access, Democratisation and Critical Data Contributions

The “Nourishing Blue Economy and Sharing Ocean Knowledge” cluster includes the following European research and innnovation projects, and research infrastructures:

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As part of EU4OceanObs, the EU coordinator of the G7 Future of the Seas and Oceans Initiative (FSOI) promotes EU projects, programmes and research infrastructures within the framework of the G7 FSOI action areas to foster partnerships and linkages between international and EU activities.

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