By synergistically federating and further developing its ocean observation capabilities as the European Ocean Observing System (EOOS), Europe will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of efforts to understand its ocean, seas and coastal waters.

EOOS is the infrastructures, platforms, sensors and people that gather this essential data and information about Europe’s ocean, seas and coastal waters. Effective coordination and collaboration are key to EOOS as it aims to meet the growing needs of users. EOOS will be a central focal point for strategy, stakeholder engagement and innovation across Europe’s diverse ocean observation and monitoring communities. It strives for a systematic and efficient approach to collecting high-quality information on the state and variability of the marine environment and life within.

With the new EOOS Strategy 2023-2027, and its accompanying Roadmap for Implementation, the development of EOOS will be advanced in line with its Mission to coordinate and integrate European communities and organisations operating, supporting and maintaining ocean observing infrastructures and activities, fostering collaboration and innovation. Efforts through the EOOS Framework will work towards the ultimate Vision of a European Ocean Observing System that is sustained and meets the specific needs of users.

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