Official Satellite Activity of the UN Ocean Decade 3rd Laboratory – A Clean Ocean

17 – 19 November 2021

Attended by 197 participants from 46 countries, the event consisted of a series of three live online sessions in English and French26 excellent speakers and panellists from 18 different countries world-wide came together to share their knowledge and discuss the growing threat and multidimensional problem of marine debris to marine ecosystems,  ocean and coastal usersThe event also included a virtual poster hall featuring 50 posters, including seven video presentations on transdisciplinary approaches, monitoring technologies and modelling, networks and digital ecosystem contributing to global marine debris observation. For more information (presentations, agenda, resources, replays of all sessions), click here.

This event was organised by a consortium of 14 international ocean experts and hosted by GEO Blue Planet EU coordination office and Mercator Ocean International, as part of the EU4OceanObs action. This action is in line with GEO Blue Planet mission to promote the development and use of earth observations for the benefit of society.

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