The list below consists of mainly external events, relevant for EU4OceanObs and involving the participation of the EU action coordinators of the GEO Blue Planet Initiative and/or G7 Future of the Seas & Oceans Initiative.

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The Global Conference on Biodiversity and Monitoring is organised by GEO BON and its partners from 10 to 13 October 2023 in Montreal, Canada.

One year after COP15 of the UN CBD and the landmark agreement of a Global Biodiversity Framework, the GEO BON global conference will focus on the grand challenge of ‘Monitoring Biodiversity for Action’. A central theme will be the development of best practices and new technologies for biodiversity observations and monitoring to support transformative policy and conservation action.

A key session will be dedicated on Biodiversity monitoring in aquatic ecosystems to support a whole society approach to transformative change. The deadline for abstract submissions is 20 May.

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