The list below consists of mainly external events, relevant for EU4OceanObs and involving the participation of the EU action coordinators of the GEO Blue Planet Initiative and/or G7 Future of the Seas & Oceans Initiative.

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Building on the outcomes of the Coastal Hazards Plenary Session and Coastline Changes workshop held during the GEO Blue Planet 5th Symposium (2022, Accra), this event will focus on identifying the priorities and needs for ocean observations and prediction to address the challenges of coastal sustainability in Africa. Presentations and discussions will leverage extensive work led by international groups on the regional strategy for sustainable marine and coastal development for Africa.

This workshop is designed to explore the role of ocean observation and prediction in addressing stakeholders needs aligned with the AU blue strategy, the UN Ocean Decade roadmap and in particular the formulation of international frameworks around four thematic areas:

  • Shoreline and bathymetry changes
  • Coastal flooding and inundation
  • Coastal ecosystem mapping
  • Coastal waters quality

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Funding and technical support for this workshop is provided by the European Union through EU4OceanObs/ GEO Blue Planet EU Office.