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GMES & Africa supporting Marine and Coastal Operations for Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean

The MarCOSIO Consortium, part of Phase II of the GMES & Africa programme, leverages satellite data to provide decision support tools for marine and coastal management. One key service focuses on detecting and monitoring algal blooms, enabling aquaculturalists to make informed decisions about the running of their operations.

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New project for improved understanding of the ocean carbon cycle to inform climate action

February 2023 saw the kick-off of a new European funded project called OceanICU - Improving Carbon Understanding. OceanICU will address limitations in our ability to measure and model the ocean carbon sink, with a focus on estimating the significance of the biological pump and human activities including fishing, energy and mineral extraction.

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European Ocean Observing Awareness Campaign: A zoom in on Euro-Argo

Making up 25% of the international Argo float network, Euro-Argo continues to cultivate the power of science institutes across Europe to grow and upgrade the Argo floats array, a game-changing ocean observation infrastructure transforming ocean research and deepening our understanding of the ocean and marine environments.

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Blue-Cloud 2026 to continue enhancing Open Science for ocean protection and restoration

Over the past decades, Europe has developed an impressive capability for aquatic environmental observation, data-handling and sharing, modelling and forecasting, second to none in the world. This builds upon national environmental observation and monitoring networks and programs, complemented [...]

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